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1 Communication Officer

European project AgroServ,


Under the supervision of the AgroServ scientific Coordinator, the Communication Officer (CO) will be in charge of the internal and external communication activities of the project. This includes the communication directed at the stakeholders, industry, farmers, policy makers, other projects, general public, as well as the communication for the scientific community, community building and communication for the collaboration. These tasks will be made in close collaboration with the European Project Manager of AgroServ (EPM), as well as with the other partners of the AgroServ project.

Deadline: 27th October

1 Post-Doc, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany 

A 2-year (marine) microbiologist / post-doc position available immediately in my group at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.

We are seeking a competent and experienced (marine) microbiologist with excellent publication track record to perform basic and applied marine microbiology research (mainly on cultivable microorganisms) and to assist ongoing marine microbial natural product chemistry / biotechnology / chemical ecology projects.

Full professional proficiency/communication skills in spoken and written German is required. The candidate must also have ability to work with pathogens (i.e., proven evidence for minimum two years of full-time work with pathogens under the supervision of a person who is licensed to work with pathogens, according to German “Pathogenen nach Bundesinfektionsschutzgesetz”) and qualification for project management according to “Gentechnikgesetz”.

Deadline: 13th October

Programa de Estágios Universitários, Portugal

 O PEJENE é um programa de estágios, promovido pela Fundação da Juventude, para jovens a frequentar o Ensino Superior em todas as áreas académicas. De âmbito nacional, e desde 1993, este programa é uma resposta às necessidades de aprendizagem dos jovens a frequentar o Ensino Superior que contribui para a melhoria do desempenho de tarefas de caráter profissional e para o aumento de conhecimentos em contexto real de trabalho. 

Assim, melhorar as competências dos jovens estudantes e capacitá-los para o mundo do trabalho são os objetivos principais deste programa de estágios que a Fundação da Juventude promove com o apoio da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML). 

PhD Program, Max Planck Resercah School,


The International Max Planck Research School for Molecules of Life (IMPRS-ML) in Munich would like to announce an open call for PhD student positions.

Deadline: 25th October 2023

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